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The Freetown Fire Department is a combination department consisting of ten career firefighters and 25 paid on-call firefighters. The career firefighters operate in four groups of two and work an eight day rotation at Station 3 consisting of one 24 hour shift on, one 24 hour shift off, one 24 hour shift on, and five 24 hour shifts off. Each group is assigned an officer and a firefighter. There is also one firefighter assigned to a 40 hour per week day shift. The call firefighters are organized under the four duty companies and are assigned geographically to one of our two call stations. Call firefighters respond to calls and staff apparatus  when needed. Call firefighters who are EMTs are also qualified to work shifts at Station 3 when openings occur due to vacations or other reasons. All firefighters are required to be trained to the NFPA 1001 Firefighter I/II standard within one year of employment. Click the links below to view our membership.
Photo by: Derek Picard
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