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Q: I see some homes in town have reflective address signs. Is this a good idea? Where can I get them? A: In an emergency, seconds count. The government has poured millions of dollars into technologically advanced E-911 systems in order to quickly locate those who need help. However, even with this technology, people often leave out one basic thing: they don’t mark their addresses clearly for emergency personnel to find them. The time spent turning around after we miss your house because we couldn’t see your number  could be the difference beteen life and death for you or someone you love. In recongnition of this problem, the Freetown Firefighters Association has reflective address signs available for purchase by town residents. These signs are a highly reflective blue with white lettering and can be easily seen by emergency personnel at night. The address signs can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and should be placed somewhere where they can be clearly visible from the street (I.E, a mailbox or post outside the driveway). The price for the signs is $15 and all proceeds benefit the Freetown Firefighters Association. You can download and print the order form below or stop by the Fire Department Headquarters at 25 Bullock Road and fill one out in person. Estimated lead time is 1-2 weeks. You will be notified by telephone when the sign is ready to be picked up.
Click to download the order form
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